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WIN Building Project

Here at WIN NWA, our passion for helping women develop their business ideas is growing beyond our monthly networking luncheon.

We want to expand the support and services that we can offer women entrepreneurs in NWA in three significant ways:

    1. A business incubator especially for women entrepreneurs.
    2. A space where women can hold seminars and other business events.
    3. A promotional arm to help bring attendees and customers to our entrepreneurs.

To achieve these goals, we need a dedicated space! And as an all-volunteer organization, we need your help to make that happen.

If you are passionate about advancing the business skills and success of women in NWA, there are at least three ways for you to make a difference:

Make your own goods or services a lasting part of the

WIN space.

A great way to get the word out about your own

business as well.

The development of a WIN center is a legacy project, a way to make a lasting impact on the trajectory of women’s lives and the business landscape in NWA.

Thank you to all our WIN Building Project Sponsors!