About Us

WIN is a group of women who are enthusiastic about helping one another succeed in business.


Our signature monthly luncheons and social events are the places to build your networking skills and make meaningful connections with other businesswomen in Northwest Arkansas

Networking is one of the most powerful tools in business. 85% of people say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings.  This makes face-to- face interaction the best way to make new connections. 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from people they know personally above all other forms of advertising,  so if you are seeking referrals, look no further than networking.

We know that you do business with certain people because you want to, not because you have to. You can always find someone else selling the same product or service. It’s the personal connection that makes the difference! And networking makes those connections work for you.

Questions? Email us at winnwa@gmail.com or contact any board member below.


Frequently Answered Questions

How do I become a member of WIN?

There is no membership fee for WIN.  We just ask that you purchase a ticket to our monthly luncheons and get involved.  The power of WIN is at the best the more active you decide to be with the group.

What is the best way to utilize my time at the monthly luncheons?

We realize it is not possible to meet every person during the luncheon. Connect with those at your table, exchanging business cards and setting up one-on-one meetings. During the WINwalk, jot down notes of ladies with whom you would like to connect, and find them after the meeting, or use the roster to contact them.

How can I get more involved with WIN?

There are lots of ways to be more involved with WIN. We suggest contacting a WIN Board member for a 1-to-1 meeting.  They can find out your interests and quickly connect you to a WIN activity you would enjoy.

I want to volunteer. What can I do?

LOTS!! All of our board members started out as volunteers and committee members. There is much done behind the scenes to make this organiztion work; just ask us – we will find something for you to do. 😉

2023 WIN Executive Board

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Women in Networking NWA is here to provide business networking and education for women in the workforce throughout Northwest Arkansas.

We are an active group, and we would love for you to get involved with WIN through our activities. Below are five ways to engage and begin to build relationships through WIN:

Attend a WIN luncheon

We meet monthly for a networking luncheon. Our meetings include plenty of time for mingling and usually a speaker, door prizes, and special entertainment. There is no membership process or fee. Luncheon tickets are $25.

Schedule one-to-one meetings

After every luncheon, each attendee is emailed a roster with the contact information for everyone who was present. Identify one or more women from the WIN roster and schedule one-to-one meetings over lunch or a coffee. This is a vital step to forming personal connections and building relationships. Think of at least one person you can refer to the businesswoman you just met.

Speak to a board member

We would love to get you involved in what is happening behind the scenes at WIN. Reach out to a board member and she will help you find a committee or event within WIN where you would like to serve.

Share WIN

If you are benefiting from WIN, please share about the group with other women in business and invite them to attend our events. We grow WIN with your help and greatly appreciate any share of social media content, encouragements to buy luncheon tickets, or an online review.