WIN June 15 luncheon

WIN June 15, 2016 luncheon

Women In Networking NWA is here to educate, support, refer and genuinely uplift women in the workforce throughout NWA.  Whether you are a Business Owner, Sales and Marketing Manager or Associate, Entrepreneur or just a lady in the work force that wants meet other working women, WIN welcomes you!  Please join us June 15th, 2016 for our next Monthly Luncheon.

There are many ways to connect with WIN, but probably the best way is to attend our signature third Wednesday of the month luncheons.  These luncheons are always packed full of wonderful women who want to get to know you and what you do.  Following the luncheon, those that attend receive a roster of luncheon attendees.  We encourage you to use the roster to try to set a one-to-one meeting with someone you met at the WIN luncheon.  We highly encourage one-to-one meetings and believe they provide the best opportunity to develop relationships in this group.  When you set these meetings and even when just attending a WIN luncheon, we encourage you to come with a Giver’s Gain mentality.  Come wanting to learn and help others and we think you will be pleased with what you take away from the meetings.  Connecting doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.  At WIN, we want to provide you a venue to make a connection and encourage the mindset to make a connection, but you still have to be sure to come and be willing to meet and learn about others.  We hope you will join us and CONNECT at our next monthly luncheon on June 15th at Bonefish Grill in Rogers.  Whether you are the most social person on the planet or an introvert at heart, we hope you will join us for a WIN meeting and let WIN connect you to some wonderful ladies and a sea of opportunity in life and business through building relationships!