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“This is such a fun networking event, where you get to meet women from all different companies, and you can’t beat the food.”

– Amy Koogler, Selah Design Studio

“Very organized and well-run event. Great way to make new contacts and form relationships. Good speakers and a great way to grow your business.”

– Kathryn Johnson Vice President, Bank of Gravett

“WIN is a great networking event for women! I’ve made great contacts that I’ve used in my position as Marketing Director.”

 – Debbie Strickland, Bank of Gravett

“WIN is fun for me because I like meeting the ladies and the food is awesome.”

– Joyce Young, Organo Gold Independent Distributor

“WIN is a great place to meet other women and learn about businesses that you can match with friends who need their services. It’s fun to…give referrals, as I did twice this month.”

– Norma Fields, Healthy living solutions

“I love the fellowship and support this group offers. It’s great to see awesome women in community and business leadership.

– Heather Carter, Carters Audio Video

“Women in networking has been an integral part of my business for at least 3 years. The connections and friendships I’ve made are invaluable to me both personally and professionally.”

– Unknown

“WIN has helped me connect with professionals around the area and grow my business. Definitely recommend coming to the monthly get-together.”

– Maranda Wynne Photography

“WIN is a great place to plant seeds of relationships. By developing these relationships, my business has grown organically.”

– Rachel Korpella, Korpella design

“This is such a great group of women. Fascinating, motivating and so supportive.” 

– Ava Gramage

“I recently moved to NWA from Little Rock and was invited to become involved by my husband’s co-worker. I am excited about…learning more about networking opportunities with women.

– Dawn Adams Strategic Market Research, LLC Principal

“WIN is the perfect place to connect with other professional women and…connect to help each other move forward in business and life. I look forward to WIN every month, and I always leave empowered as a woman in business.”

– Melinda Bunyard, Bunyard Leadership Training and Development

“This is a great group of ladies. If you are business minded and [want] to meet some great ladies, network your business and just have some fun in general…you need to visit WIN!”

–Stephanie Orman, Advertising Manager and Bentonville City Council Member

“Love this group. It’s a favorite of mine each month. These ladies are all so supportive of one another, in business and in life in general. Some of my closest friends came from this group. I appreciate that I have been a part of this group for so many years. Back then, there were maybe 20 of us. Now…100. It never ceases to amaze me.”

–Missy Elzey, NWA Wedding Ideas


“The first time I visited, I started right away telling people about this group! This is a great network of remarkable women, helping one another go further in their lives and business.”

–Abigail Young, Stressless Edits