Here’s another great tip from one of our WINning Touch Blogging Team Members to make your busy life a little easier.  Get ready to simplify your closet, your life!

Declutter is becoming a buzz word of late.  Maybe you have heard people talking about it; talking about simplifying their lives.  A trend is happening with decluttering and people are finding freedom and happiness in simplifying their wardrobes and their closets.  They are realizing the unnecessary stress they are adding to their lives each morning by standing in an over packed closet full of clothes … with “nothing” to wear.

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Imagine an easier morning where you are in and out of your closet in less than 2 minutes, dressed with a new found confidence. Imagine the impact this could have on your day.  Your mood is determined early on in the morning hours and if you had anxiety looking at all your clothing choices, if you tried on 4 or 5 outfits trying to find your desired look for the day and then settled on something because you were going to be late … you don’t feel very cheerful and confident.

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The way to a versatile but focused wardrobe consists of putting together capsules.  A wardrobe capsule is usually built for your key lifestyle and has interchangeable pieces that match back to one another to create 2 to 3 times the “outfits” or “looks” with the same core items.

If you are a female professional, it might look like this:

2 pair of slacks

1 skirt

1 dress

6 blouses

3 jackets/cardigans

Then for your off duty wear, add:

2 jeans

2 sweaters

2 tops

2 tees

Add a couple of scarves and pieces of jewelry to accessorize.

It is key that everything in your closet fits, feels good, and looks good (get rid of anything that doesn’t).  The items that don’t fit or look good create negative emotions when we see them, so remove them from your life … donate them to someone that they might create positive emotions for!

Written by personal stylist, Jayci Schmitt

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