megantuckerThis week we will hear from Megan Tucker with Blue Zoo Creative. Megan holds a degree in Social Psychology with an emphasis in cultural, organizational, and institutional psychology. She obtained this degree because of her love of people and social situations. Studying them, being a part of them, and embracing all that is large and small groups makes Megan an enthusiastic member of WIN. Plus, she is the driving force behind WIN NWA’s recent website facelift!

We asked her a few questions about her professional life.

What do you do and why?

In a nutshell, I connect talented people. I do this through collaborative creative projects working with Blue Zoo Creative.

I have always enjoyed helping others. I started my career by helping children. In my late twenties, I shifted to my current role as Chief Culture Officer/Production Manager for Blue Zoo Creative, a virtual organization, and began to manage a flexible, diverse, and virtual workforce. I have been with this organization for four years.

Through Blue Zoo I have had the benefit of developing a harmonious life/work environment. My passion is to help others live this way by embracing a diverse network of trusted sources.

What is your biggest challenge? How did you conquer it?

The work and home boundary is something all virtual workers face. Not driving to the office can make working a constant habit—being “on” 24/7. Not prioritizing time will lead to what seems like endless days. It also decreases productivity, satisfaction, and negates the point of virtual work!

The way to conquer this is sticking to your boundaries. Setting boundaries is vital. Don’t try to please people who try to get past your boundary, and relish the joy once you are sitting comfortably in your space.

The freedom allowed with this work is something many have to adapt to. You are the driving force of your life, and that’s just as it should be, in my opinion.

If another woman in business asked for your best tip, what would it be?

YOU GOT THIS! It will be hard, but you got this!

What will your business look like in the future?

That is a great question because the potential is limitless. I do believe that Blue Zoo Creative will be helping passionate creatives live a fulfilled life, and they will do this through collaborative efforts.

How has WIN helped you?

Being involved in WIN has been wonderful for me. Meeting new creatives has enhanced my social network, and it has allowed me to work collaboratively with several other women.