Today’s WINning Touch blog tip comes from a lesson Tori Bogner, Director of Business Development in NWA for Baldwin and Shell Construction, learned the hard way this flu season.

At the time of writing this blog post, the Arkansas Department of Health has tracked 43,000 cases of Influenza in Arkansas since October 1, 2017.

Meet case number 43,001.

I had never had the flu before. When I came down ill the week after the Super Bowl, I blamed it on a weekend spent out on the town having too much fun. Why? Because “too much fun” is my normal speed.

Fast forward two days. I wasn’t feeling 100%, but it wasn’t enough to call in sick. Shoot, my boss had been in the office seeming much worse than I felt. I needed to keep up and show up.


That is, until I found myself at a meeting in the conference room with my only thought being “Don’t pass out, don’t pass out. Just nod and smile and don’t pass out.”

I turned down the invitation to group lunch at the local Chinese Buffet as I needed comfort food. One trip for tacos & DayQuil later, I was a whole new woman. I made it through the day with minimal coughing, and even managed to accompany my husband to Walmart that evening (albeit, I didn’t leave the truck).

Thanks Tori for this motivational blog post.  Remember you too can be a part of the WINing Touch Blog!  Email WINNWA to find out how you to contribute!