Hello WIN!  I am excited to give a tip from my industry for today’s WIN Blog post that I hope all of you can use!

First let me introduce myself.   My name is Stephanie Orman.  I am the Board President for WIN. I am also the Dealership Engagement Manager for the McLarty Daniel Dealerships in Northwest Arkansas and I currently serve on Bentonville City Council.  I am very excited to be a contributor to the WIN Blog and share some tips from the industry I have spent over 17 years in that I think you can appreciate and learn from too!  Every 7th of the month, you can expect to see an automotive tip from me.  If you like it, be sure to share it!                                             My job is to make sure our customers get to know our dealerships and like us through social media, online reputation management and community events.  They need to know we strive for quality customer service and taking care of the customer is our #1 priority. We do this in a number of ways like community involvement and engaging with our customers online to name just a couple.  One of the best ways I have found to do this, is to just share a helpful vehicle tip and begin to develop a relationship with the customer they can trust.  So, on this cold February day, I am sharing a quick and easy tip to keep your coat warm and toasty in your car.  It is also nice to have partners that put together these great videos for us to use.  So, thank you to Ford for this one.

Hope you enjoyed this mini tip and you will have a toasty coat next time you are running full speed ahead as all working women do!  Let me know if you already do this or plan to start!  It really does feel great to put on a toasty coat when you get out of your vehicle and into the cold air.  Yes, I do this often!  See you on the 7th of March for another automotive tip you can use!                                                                                                       Don’t forget WIN is looking to fill up 31 days with Blog contributors that have industry expertise they would like to share on a monthly basis.  If you are interested, reach out to WIN and let them know!