I love a good play on words, so I’m going to use this opportunity to run with the MARCH theme this month.

One of the many reasons I love working in construction is the opportunity to see a client’s dream building become a reality. We take that flat set of architectural plans and turn it into a place to learn, work, or play.

One of the aspects of my job that I like the least is meeting a client with a brand new concept and a quick timeline that I’ve got to turn around and shatter for processes and requirements beyond my control. Many times, the land a client is looking at is improperly zoned for the project they have in mind, they haven’t met with a city planner yet, and/or they haven’t had any surveys or tests done on their property.

All of a sudden, the simple plan of building a building became sooooo much more complicated. And I hate being that bearer of bad news!

Luckily, you’ve got a lot of great people around to join your team and help you navigate these hurdles. From your contractor to your design team, we are here to help you succeed. But there’s one step I can’t emphasize enough.

My advice for you this month, WINners, is to MARCH directly to the City Planning office when you have an idea. City planners are fantastic resources for learning about the rules such as zoning and city codes, but also future development plans for what they see happening around your property.

Not planning in one of the bigger cities? You might find yourself developing with the County. Just give me a shout, we’ll figure it out together!

Best of luck on your project,