profilepicAbigail Young is the freelance proofreader and editor behind Stressless Edits. She is passionate about helping writers publish beautiful, important messages as professionally as possible (whether they’re writing a one-page website or a 50,000-word novel).

Today, we’ll hear about her and her company, why she does what she does, and how WIN has played a part in expanding her business.

What do you do and why?

My job is to make my clients look good by making their writing better. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of words (the pen is definitely mightier than the sword), and I know that a person’s or a company’s words can make or break their public image. I think this is best illustrated by an example:




Nothing against Mitt Romney, but what do you think about his presidential campaign after seeing his iPhone app? Yeah. That’s something that people like me are supposed to catch.*

What made you start your business?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and making up stories. This grew into an obsession with the English language itself, and I earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the age of 20. Becoming a freelance editor was a natural outgrowth of my enthusiasm to help others master the complexities of proper writing.

My idea of becoming a copy editor dates back at least four years, but I didn’t launch my business until recently because I was intimidated by the competition, my lack of experience, etc. I finally realized that I do have something of value to bring to the table. I found people who could benefit from my services, and it’s only gotten better from there!

How has WIN helped you?

I’ve made some great connections at Women In Networking luncheons and follow-up chick chats. As an introverted entrepreneur, I tend to spend a lot of time alone. WIN helps me get out in public and actually talk to people! Whether I’m making a friend, a business partner, or someone I can help out with a referral, I think networking is incredibly valuable. Nothing sells a product or service like word-of-mouth.

If another woman in business asked for your best tip, what would it be?

I would preface my answer by saying how much it pains me to see young women full of life and potential graduating high school or college without a clue about how to make money doing what they love, and feeling forced to settle into a predictable and depressing job. Yes, life is so much more than work. But if you are already in business or plan to be, for heaven’s sake, do something meaningful that makes you happy to get up every morning!

My “tip”: be brave and pursue work that you love! Life is far too short to spend 40+ hours every week doing something that sucks the life out of you, no matter how much money you’re getting. Pursue work that fits your gifts and your life purpose. If you don’t know what those are, find out! If you’re burnt out and unmotivated, go on a journey of self-discovery. I believe that God uniquely designed every one of us for a purpose and that we’ll never feel better than when we are embracing that purpose.

I hope that each woman reading this takes the opportunity to find or create work that she loves.

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