Women In Networking NWA is here to educate, support, refer and genuinely uplift women in the workforce throughout NWA. Getting involved with WIN NWA introduces you to a network of amazing ladies. We are an active group and we would love for you to find a passion and engage with WIN through our activities. Below are 5 ways to engage and begin to build relationships through WIN.

#1-Come To A WIN Luncheon.  We meet once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for our Monthly Networking Luncheon.  Whether you love to be social and meet new people or you are a introvert, coming to a WIN luncheon is sure to help you make a Connection.  It may be a Connection in business or it may be a Connection in life.  We encourage you to come with a Giver’s Gain attitude.  Listen when people talk to you and you are sure to come away with a new found friend or business connection.  Out meetings allow plenty of networking time and usually incorporate a speaker that is sure to give you nuggets of information you can use in business and in life.  We also have great door prizes, good food and usually some type of fun game or special entertainment.  We are always working to make your WIN luncheon experience new, exciting and one you never want to miss.  There is no membership fee and for a $20 luncheon ticket we hope you always walk away with way more value.  Click the picture below to check out a video recap from our May 2016 WIN meeting.

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#WINNWA May 2016 Luncheon

#2-Do at least 1 one-to-one meeting a month from the luncheon roster.  Identify someone from the WIN roster you receive after attending a WIN monthly luncheon and make time to visit with this person in a one-to-one meeting setting.  We all have to eat, so make a lunch appointment and begin to connect and build relationships.  Whether in business or life finding the sweet spot in a relationship requires you to connect with a person.  This is the fun part, so always make time for a monthly one-to-one to really see your WIN relationships become impactful.

#3-Get More Involved With WIN-Reach out to a WIN Board member and let them help you find a committee or event within WIN that interests your passions and you would like to serve on.  We also welcome ideas and feedback.  Just remember when giving ideas or feedback, we are all volunteers so new ideas need to come with ideas and involvement to make them happen.  Here are 3 things you can do today to become more involved with WIN.

-We are looking for guest bloggers and social media content providers.  Email us at winnwa@gmail.com with the subject line GET WIN Social for more information about this opportunity and guidelines.

-Get involved with our Spirits for Scholarships evening event.  Again, email us at winnwa@gmail.com with the subject line Get Involved with SFS and we will get you engaged with this fun event on June 9th that benefits the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County.

-You can do a WIN Commercial that we will promote via our WIN social and web channels.  It needs to be no more than :60 seconds, preferably :30 seconds and it needs to include a special offer for WIN ladies.  This is a great way to get free exposure and help those who attend WIN remember you and your business.  See this example by Michelle Chiocco from the Carriage Trade.  If you would like to do a WIN commercial email us at winnwa@gmail.com with the subject line WIN commercial.

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WIN Commercial and Special WIN Offer!

#4-If you enjoy WIN, please share it with other women and invite them to join us for our Monthly Luncheons or Spirits for Scholarships Evening Event.  We grow WIN with your help and we greatly appreciate any share of content, encouragement post to attend a WIN event or online review.

#5-Be proactive.  We have mentioned several ways to get more involved with WIN.  Now, stop procrastinating and take that step to get more involved with WIN.  We look forward to building a relationship with you!  And remember, people do business with people because they choose to not because they have to.  We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product, its the personal connection that makes the difference!  We hope you are making new WIN Connections everyday!